Systèmes du monde – Course details – Year 1

First semester: “Antic cosmology and astronomy

  • What is an Antique text? (philosophy)
  • Mesopotamian Astronomy (physics and history of Sciences)
  • Astronomy in Ancient Greece (physics and history of Sciences)
  • Cosmogonic myths and rational cosmologies during Ancient Greece (philosophy)
  • Motion and World Theories by Plato and Aristotle (philosophy)
  • Archimedes (history of Sciences, philosophy)


Second semester: “Medieval cosmologies: the dissociation between cosmology and theology; the knowledge before the Renaissance

  • General historic introduction: the “Translatio studiorum”
  • Copernic:“De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” (philosophy, history of Sciences)
  • Galileo & The Book of Nature (philosophy, history of Sciences)
  • Evolution of Dynamics during the middle Ages: Impetus Theory (history)
  • Metaphysics and cosmology: breaking point
  • Kepler: astronomer & astrologer (philosophy, history of Sciences)