Optique, Vision, Couleurs – Course details – Year 1

First semester: “Explain the vision and colors: from Antiquity to Classic Age

  • Egyptian Blue (chemistry)
  • The theory of vision in Antiquity (philosophy)
  • Euclid (philosophy/mathematics)
  • Ptolemy’s optics (physics)
  • Ptolemy’s legacy: Ibn Al-Haytham, Witelo, Kepler (history of sciences and physic)

Second semester: “Optics becomes Science of light. From the Renaissance to Newton

  • From the line to the infinite (mathematics)
  • Geometrical optics. Propagation of Light (physics)
  • Descartes (philosophy)
  • Ibn Sahl’s law of refraction (mathematics and physics)
  • The anatomy of the eye (biology)
  • The invention of perspective in the Renaissance (art history)