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Science and Humanities Bachelor’s Degree

Edgar Morin, godfather of the 2012 promotion
Edgar Morin, godfather of the program

The new Science and Humanities course of studies opened in September 2012 at the University of Aix-Marseille. This is a cross-disciplinary curriculum which aims at leading students to develop and master complex thinking such as that defined by Edgar Morin. The objective is to confront students with the various and complementary answers provided by a range of disciplines on a complex issue. One of the goals of this innovative program is to enable students to deal consistently with general questions and yet still be able to address the common dilemmas generated by the modern disjunction between various fields of knowledge.

Our program

The program consists of five courses corresponding to broad and emblematic areas of research and reflection: Nature and Culture; Logic, Language, Calculus; World Systems; Power Figures; Optics, Vision, Colour.

These have been selected so that a profound and complex level of thinking and understanding may arise from the confrontation between the various viewpoints offered by the different disciplines represented in this course. Indeed, each of these courses is related to several disciplines which have their own inevitably reductionist approach and deal with questions according to a specific range of criteria and references.

Practically, students may either follow a full cross-disciplinary program during the three years of their Bachelor’s Degree, or they may choose to specialize at the end of their second year, which would then enable them to apply for a Master’s Degree in Biology, Mathematics, Linguistics, Physics, Chemistry or History at the University of Aix-Marseille (or any other French university).

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Our program of courses

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